UNISYNC ANGELS is a global angel investment platform, empowering startups by providing growth capital and connect. 

Pro-Founder | Investor-friendly | Sector-agnostic | Stage-agnostic | Process-driven | Tech-enabled | Global footprints

Unisync identifies and curates potential startups and provides fundraising support. Besides growth capital to startups, We also provides quality mentoring and access to corporate & vast network of its members to select startups.

Our VisionTo empower new-age entrepreneurs by providing growth capital & connect.

Our Purpose: To deliver value to startup founders & investors with commitment to our core values – innovation, collaboration & trust.

Our Differentiators:

  • A diverse network, spanning geographies, industries & expertise
  • Startup curation through our proprietary process-driven methodology.
  • Pre- and post- investment support including Due Diligence, documentation & other legal formalities.
  • Tech-platform for transparent & convenient end-to-end startup engagement.

With focus on venture investing, we help create awareness about venture investing as an asset class and provide a platform where both Startup Founders and Angel Investors can engage, invest and grow. Unisync Members are successful entrepreneurs and business leaders with a passion to support high potential entrepreneurs. 


To investors:

  • Curated Startups
  • Simple Term Sheet
  • Pre- and Post-Investment Support

To Start-ups:

  • Growth Capital
  • Mentoring and Access to network of SAN Members
  • Potential business opportunities and wider market access