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Hub IT allows your business and technology computers to store and analyze.

We areUnisync Angels

Unisync identifies and curates potential startups and provides fundraising support. Besides equipping startups with growth capital, we also provide quality mentoring and access to the corporate & the vast network of its members to select startups.

We are a pathway to guide the directions for funding, resources, working capital, company formation, government schemes and policies to reap the benefits. We facilitate the startups from registration process to manpower management, digital marketing & advertising, venture capital & monetary taxation policies, human resources to skilled labor regulations and many more.


To empower new-age entrepreneurs by providing growth capital & connect.


To deliver value to startup founders & investors with commitment to our core values – innovation, collaboration & trust.

Startup Evaluated
100Cr +
Funding Commitment
Startup Portfolio
What we achieved

Our Amazing Team

Alex Martinez

Chief Designer

Claudia Aria

Chief Designer

Phoebe Aria

Chief Designer

Erik Genie

Chief Designer

Challenges of Investor Partnerships

Unisync Members are successful entrepreneurs and business leaders with a passion to support high potential entrepreneurs. With venture investing as our primary focus, Unisync helps create awareness about the same, as an asset class. We provide a tech-platform with pre & post investment support, where both Startup Founders and Angel Investors can engage, invest and grow.

Diverse Network spanning geographies, industries & expertise

Startup Curation through a proprietary process-driven methodology

Access to the corporate & vast network of its members

Transparent & convenient end-to-end Startup Engagement

What we offer

We provide resourceful environment to startups & investors to collaborate and grow their horizon

To Investor:

Startup Curation

Simple Term Sheet

Pre- and Post-Investment Support

To Startups:

Growth Capital

Mentoring and Access to network of SAN Members

Potential business opportunities and wider market access

Trusted by global brands

Apply to raise growth capital

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