We help start-ups realize their full-potential by creating an environment of support & mutual cooperation for our community. We have a diverse membership base with global reach. Our members are seasoned investors & successful entrepreneurs from various industries, who leverage their expertise& network to support the startups they back.

What gets us excited about a startup with:

  1. Defined revenue source
  2. Product-Market fit achievement
  3. Sustainable competitive advantage
  4. Scalable Business Model
  5. Validation via Traction
  6. Experienced Management Team
  7. Founders skin in the game

Benefits for Startups

a) Streamlined Fundraising: Startups are provided with clear requirements and assigned a designated analyst for coordination. This helps the applicants to save resources & raise funds in a timely & efficient manner.

b) Connect with Experts: Along with growth capital, startups get access to our global investor & partner network. This network consists of experienced entrepreneurs & investors having expertise and connects across several industries. They provide valuable insights and help propel company growth.

c) Community Building: Unisync is not only a funding & growth platform, we believe in creating an eco-system for startups to innovate & connect.  We support community building for our startups by organizing peer to peer events as well as investor meets.

Startup Evaluation Process

  1. Submit the preliminary form along with required documents
  2. Initial screening
  3. Founder’s Call
  4. Business & Financial Due Diligence
  5. Issue of Funding documents
  6. Post Funding Engagement

If you want to be a part of a vibrant & enabling startup ecosystem, then apply to UNISYNC Angels today!

To apply to raise funds, please submit your details at: https://bit.ly/UnisyncStartup