Step 1. Startup Idea Funnel (to attract promising startups)

Step 2. Unisync Startup Curation* (to identify investible opportunities)

Step 3. Company Hygiene Check (to select investment-ready startups)

Step 4. Pitching to Investors (to present curated startups for fundraising)

Step 5. Investment Commitment from Angel Investors (and/or investment syndicate)

Step 6. Due Diligence (a detailed financial & legal due diligence of startups)

Step 7. Legal Documentation (to finalise terms & conditions of investment)

Step 8. Post-investment Review (to provide regular updates about startups)

Step 9. Startup Investment Booster (to prepare startups for next round of funding)


  • Unisync Members can attend monthly UNISYNC STARTUP SHOWCASE where select startups will pitch to investors in a prescribed format.
  • Unisync Members will receive reviews and reports about startups participating in the Showcase.
  • Unisync prepares a common Term Sheet for its members for each investment and also provide Legal & Financial Due Diligence Reports.
  • Each Unisync Member will make his or her individual decision based on given investment opportunity.
  • Unisync provides its members pre- and post-investment support – from investment to exist – to manage and monitor their investments.
  • Unisync Members will get opportunities for networking with other members through events and programs organised by Unisync or its partners for free or at discounted rates.


a) Diverse Network of Angel Investors from across the globe spanning various industries

b) Opportunity to invest in curated startup with a minimum investment size of INR 2.5 lakhs per startup

c) Convenience of pre-investment & post-investment support including documentation & handholding

d) Technology Platform to access every deal through a transparent process

To become a part of Unisync Angel Investors’ Network, please use the following link: https://bit.ly/UnisyncInvestor