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Join us as Investor

    1. Have you invested in startups before?*
    2. How many angel investments have you made till date?*
    3. What is your preferred investment size per startup?*
    4. How much fund have you allocated to invest in a startup in a year?*
    5. Which are your preferred industries or technology segments for startup investment?*
    6. Would you like to become a mentor to startups?*
    7. How many hours PER MONTH would you like to spend as a mentor to startups?*
    8. Please mention the key focus areas to mentor startups.*
    9. Would you like to conduct Workshops, Seminars or Training Programs?*
    10. Please mention your topics of choice to conduct Workshops, Seminars or Training Programs.
    11. How did you know about UNISYNC ANGELS?*
    12. Please mention the name of a UNISYNC Member who has introduced you to Unisync Angels Network.*
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