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Shining Startups - An Illusion… Delusion… or a Disillusion!

Ever since our Hon’ble P.M – Shri Narendra Modi, announced the launch of the “Startup India” initiative on 15th August 2015 followed by the Startup India Policy-2016, the word ‘Startup’ has become a buzzword in our entire ecosystem.
Focusing on the growth model for New India, primarily this Startup policy was introduced to build a strong ecosystem for nurturing innovations that can drive sustainable economic growth and generate large-scale employment opportunities for the young entrepreneurs of India.
Taking up the calls of our Hon’ble P.M. in the right spirit, our young entrepreneurs and enthusiastic Yuva Brigade have moved at a galloping pace and have scaled up to 90K+ registrations under Startups with DPIIT [Department for Promotion of Industry& Internal Trade] followed by 60+ Unicorns based in India.
In recent years, startups have emerged as powerful drivers of innovation and entrepreneurship. These dynamic ventures, fuelled by visionary individuals, are reshaping industries and making a significant impact on economies and societies.
Startups are synonymous with innovation and disruption. They challenge the status, introduce new solutions, and revolutionize traditional industries. What sets them apart is their agility in adapting to emerging technologies and leveraging digital platforms to scale rapidly.
Startups face various challenges on their journey. Securing funding, building a talented team, and navigating regulations are common obstacles. However, these challenges also present opportunities for growth and learning. Many startups have triumphed over adversity, achieving remarkable feats and inspiring others. Their ability to overcome challenges and adapt is crucial for long-term success.
Culminating the saga of Startups, it could be revealed that startups are leading the charge toward a future defined by innovation, digital transformation, and economic growth. They disrupt traditional industries, foster entrepreneurship, overcome challenges, and have created a remarkable and positive impact on society. Supporting and embracing startups is crucial, as they hold the keys to shaping a dynamic and prosperous future. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, investor, or enthusiast, the world of startups offers an exciting journey filled with endless possibilities.
Well –“All that glitters is not a GOLD” …… as very rightly stated by William Shakespeare holds very much true in this world of shining startups too.
All that we read and hear about startups could possibly hold true in generality but astonishingly when I work upon the proportions of success ratios of these buzz words, some very profound and strong skepticism muddles me as to –
·        Is the startup ecosystem in linear progression with the objectives of Govt.?
·        Is any startup restricted to a brainchild only?
·        Is it that a wandering generality be couched sophistically merely by adding the word startup before its venture?
·        Is there any warranted roadmap for a palmary startup?
·        Is it just left out with the game of only valuations?
·        Is it wagering – Game of Investments &funding?
·        Is it after all just a jest of bucks?
·        Is startup a world of glamour or boredom?
·        Is it a one-way traffic or a highway of endless possibilities? …… And…. the quest of my questions remains endless and unanswered ……….. Well, I am also in the phase of learning and would like to ponder upon some integrated ways out in this journey of startups. 
Well, I believe, that we need to work specifically in these spaces and I have tied my shoes to explore this journey of Shining Startups and am confident that together we can & we will definitely find innovative ways by providing our niche expertise and thereby fill up the gaps by providing the holistic solutions to the world of startups.

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Manishbhai Bajrang
CA Manish Bajrang
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